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Wolfgang Reisinger „Elastic Quartett“

Foto: Jason Roebke

Jaimie Branch  trpt
John Schröder guit, piaöder
Jason Roebke  b
Wolfgang Reisinger  dr, electronics  

Gegründet 2013 anlässlich eines Konzertauftrages des Umbrella Music Festival in Chicago an Wolfgang Reisinger. Mit Jaimie Branch – Trompete, Jason Roebke – Bass und Paul Giallorenzo am Piano und Synthesizer. 2015 Tour in den USA. Seit 2016 Zusammenarbeit mit dem Gitarristen und Multiinstrumentalisten John Schröder aus Berlin. 2017 in Österreich: Konzerte und Rundfunkaufnahmen im Quartett mit Jaimie, Jason und John.  

„The second set quartet matching Austrian drummer Wolfgang Reisinger with locals Jason Roebke on doublebass, Paul Giallorenzo on piano/synthesizer and now-Baltimorean Jaimie Branch on trumpet covered a significantly diverse amount of improvisatory territory … Branch was really on point this set, shivering out deep-fat-fryer oil spit and hiss, and even getting really mean and shocking with villainous blasts. All that spit and breath were like a sea mammal breaching the surface to exhale after a long swim and coming up all bright and slippery, her solo an extraordinary growl of mad cauldron spoils. Instead of grinding spices to just sprinkle a little into a dish, these four were using the whole seeds to season.“
(Andrew Choate)
2015 US Tour im Quartett mit Paul Giallorenzo am Piano.
2016 wird John Schröder Mitglied der Band.
„Groß oder klein, eben oder zerklüftet, unruhig und nervös oder still und ausgeglichen. Mal gehen die Akkordgebirge in ein Klingeln disparater Melodiebrocken über, mal verschiebt sich die Zeitwahrnehmung … John Schröder ist ein erstaunlicher Musiker.“
(Die Zeit online)
„In a generation crowded with trumpet talent, Jaimie Branch has emerged in recent years as a unique voice capable of transforming every ensemble of which she is a part.“
(Cisco Bradley)
“With his precise intonation, woody tone, keen sense of time, and top-notch improvisational skills, bassist Jason Roebke exemplifies all that is fascinating and unique about Chicago jazz.“
(Chicago Jazz)
„His unique style and wide musical range  made Wolfgang Reisinger Austria’s leading drummer and one of the most significant european percussion instrumentalists. His expression reaches from classical percussion to the mastery of the drumset and into the world of electronics.“
(Music Information Center Austria)