Villa For Forest

Sangoma Session #14 w/ Bayetë

finally it’s springtime again and we are welcoming the first warm days after the long winter with another SANGOMA SESSION filled with easiness, buoyancy and eclectic dancemusic…

for this occassion we have invited Bayetë, a DJ-collective from the wonderful capital of France who will be our musical captains for the night:

with Paris being one of europe’s mekkas for digging undiscovered afro&tropical gems and a vibrant music scene with a certain tendency for innovative and extraordinary parties, the boys from BAYETË are currently one of the main contributors to this outernational musical journey. Various DJs and music lovers highly appreciate their youtube-channel, where they share their outstanding findings from the worlds recordcrates and fleamarkets. Beside being extraordinary selectors they are fascinating DJs as well, what can be heard at several crucial podcasts and radioshows on Rinse FR, NTS London and especially on their residency at Le Mellotron. Their sound can be located somewhere between balearic house from the Antilles, south african boogie, synth-pop from belgium, french disco or any other electronic curiosities from the 80s & 90s without being repetitive. So fasten your seatbelt and let them take you on a musical around the world-flight loaded with plenty of suprising and resistless dancefloor groovers!

musical flight-attendants are once again the local vibe-machines: DJ MIXNIX and Pekave!


this is a party based on mutual respect and transcultural love!