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Intuitions (Intuicije) is a project created by former roommates, musicians, and songwriters Žan Hebar, Urška Supej, and Klara Veteršek. They met while studying music in Klagenfurt (Gustav Mahler Privatuniversität Klagenfurt) and started making music together. At first, they worked as a band Rumejts, with which they also received the award for the best composition at the Radio Standouts Si Maribor 2021 competition, and later they also participated in the project Popevke and Pravljice, with which they paid tribute to the giants of Slovenian Popevka and devoted themselves even more deeply to writing original music. They performed on stages in Slovenia and Austria (GodiBodi 2022, Sonntagsmahler 2022, Mainstage 2021, Rdeči Revirji 2020, OFAK Festival 2020, Skuštrane in Bradati 2020, Trebansko Poletje 2020, Vierteltone 2020) and released two original compositions (Ko se ulice stemnijo, Blue Dahlia).

The ‚Intuitions‘ project is a modern musical electronic performance, which on the one hand flirts with the tradition of singing, and simple melodies and on the other with a more modern soundscape and has its roots in jazz and classical music. The artists rely on traditional forms and beautiful songs, enriching with electronic instruments, modern sounds, effects, and loopers. Their performance has a defined form, but at the same time, it is always open to current inspiration and improvisation.