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“Akshani Project“

    “Akshani Project“ is a quartet founded in Novi Sad (Serbia) in 2012.. First formed as a trio (Vukasin Miskovic-guitar, Fedor Ruskuc- double bass, Istvan Cik- drums), band added a fourth member: Lazar Novkov- accordion
     CD “Global Dances and one Song“ awoke the interest of multi genre and jazz music fans. Every track is based on a different dance( Tango, Marabi, Funk, DnB, Waltz, Cuban) except the song “Moscow“ written in slow 6/8 mesure.
     Sound of the band consists of a specific fusion of electric and acoustic instruments (classical and electric guitar, accordion and melodica with effect pedals), wide dynamic range as well as compositions written in „jazzy“ form , open for improvisation.
     Concert of this quartet will give the audience a unique chance to dive in the world of music free of trend, style and academic margins and invite them to dance…