Villa For Forest

Sangoma Session #10 w/ VEDAT


we are back from summer vacation and ready to start in the new season with quality sounds around the world for the anniversary SESSION #10!

Our handselected guest is coming this time from the vibrant city of Budapest:

VEDAT, native Turkish DJ, lives and plays his sets and mixes in various underground clubs of Budapest (Hungary) where he currently lives. Discovering music by playing drums, he developed an intense passion for techno music at an early age. His live performances are powerful and subtile mixes of dynamic emotions and mind-blowing beats. Juggling between shiny mixes and darker atmospheres, Vedat tries to express himself and his environment : the Budapest nightlife. Looks like a night full of funky disco groove, electronic excursions and of course lots of rakia and love!

the residents DJ MIXNIX and DJ PEKAVE are heating up the floor once again!

there will be also INTERACTIVE PORTRAY ART so bring your charismatic faces with you!

This is a party based on mutual respect and transcultural love!