Villa For Forest

Sangoma Session #11

get ready for SESSION #11 and help us transmitting positive signals of inner sunshine and rhytmic human expression through our ocassionally challenging planet towards outerspace and back…

Our guest for this edition is MIKE BURNS who is a vinyllover and a highly appreciated reference for digging rare yet convincingly fresh music from around the worlds black gold crates. Beside hosting several quality parties in vienna, his clever edits on labels such as legalize lambada or disco devil make him an even more interessting, maybe still underrated artist in the cosmos of advanced dance music with a global connection. Be sure to expect a surprisingly diverse mix of outernational grooves, well balanced between unusual sound experieces and dancefloor-affinity!

accompanied by the SANGOMA-Residents DJ MIXNIX and DJ PEKAVE.

+ interactive tile-design workshop to elicit your creative potential