Villa For Forest

Robert Jukič Trio + Wajdi Riahi | Villa For Forest

Bassist and composer Robert Jukič has been working together with drummer Kristijan Krajnčan and tenor saxophonist Boštjan Simon for many years in Robert’s quartet which also features trumpeter Tomaž Gajšt. They recorded 3 records and have built a connection and interaction based on trust and acceptance, always approaching music with the awareness that everything is possible, expecting nothing and embracing everything. Robert’s compositions are a mixture of strong melodies and complex harmonic structures which create many options for musicians. Joining them for this special event will be the Brussels-based Tunisian rising-star pianist Wajdi Riahi. Wajdi is one of the most in-demand piano players in Belgium, currently leading his trio as well as performing with many great artists. Robert and Wajdi have been working together on many occasions since Robert’s move to Brussels and have also developed a strong connection as they share their love for the beauty that music is. A meeting of four strong individual voices in an evening of original compositions and songs from the standard repertoire of the Great American Songbook.

Boštjan Simon

Kristijan Krajnčan

Wajdi Riahi
Wajdi Riahi Trio: