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RAMUNS YARAS_Soloperformance_Litauen

Im Rahmen unseres diesjährigen Schwerpunktes WELCOME – die musikalische Vorstellung der neuen EU-Länder – macht den Auftakt unserer 3-tägigen Reihe die Republik Litauen:

We are ENDICHE VIS.SAT, an Experimental Music Band from Lithuania (Eastern Europe), known for its highly inventive and multi-stylistic musical ventures, stunning stage productions and as an organizer of countless actions, both spontaneous and planned. The band boasts six internationally released albums, and gives frequent concerts in various countries (from 1997). Five core members make up the nucleus of the band.

1989 and the revolution in Eastern Europe is the starting point of much that is Avant-Garde in Lithuania today. The band was born a twin sister to the internationally famous „Singing Revolution,“ organized in 1990, which was to put more wood on the decisive fire which then led to the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Within this dramatical Aura of historical significance, Mr. Ramunas Yaras appears in the local musical scene as a leader in all revolutionary musical development in Lithuania.

During ENDICHE VIS.SAT concerts, a very vast array of musical instruments and sound sources are heard: not most anything one can imagine, but rather what one did not expect. These sound sources from all of humanity’s musical history are accompanied by a fantastic display of costume design, bringing in theatrical elements as well. At one time, a listener may encounter a musical ensemble of ten people, all wearing a different type of costume, playing everything from violins to jackhammers and back to banjos. In fact, all ENDICHE performances are unpredictable and most definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

ENDICHE VIS.SAT seeks not merely to satisfy the outer realms of the audience’s thirst for virtuosity, but is missionary in the sense that it turns its performances and recordings into a medium which addresses the listener’s attention towards the Spiritual. Each of our members works tirelessly to fulfill this task, dedicating all of his/her creative energy to serve this one clear and genuine goal.