Villa For Forest

MONDAY MUSIC SESSION – arrangiert von Philipp Zarfl

Eine Privatveranstaltung des Verein Innenhofkultur für Eingeladene.
Alle sind herzlich eingeladen.

Lorenzo Bonucci – Sundee Evening

I’m Lorenzo Bonucci, a drummer and composer from Cesena. I’ve always loved music, in particular jazz, and many musicians have inspired me throughout my career, such as the famous drummer Elvin Jones, the prestigious saxophonist John Coltrane and the innovative drummer and composer, Billy Hart. I have created this album because I want to express my music and my musical journey so far. I have written many songs, some of which are in this album; recently I’ve been experimenting with electronic systems and loop stations. ‚Home‘ is pure improvisation, using these new sounds and techniques with acoustic drums. I hope you enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed making it.

This trio play original music and standard jazz with personality, groove, intensity and ability to adapt everything in a contemporary way. The beautiful rhythm of the bass player, Philipp Zarfl, completely attached with the cymbals of the drummer, Lorenzo Bonucci, give life a new improvisation language and the tender voice of the saxophonist, Alexander Jedig, give maturity and musicality to our music.