Villa For Forest

MAG – Villa For Forest

MAG, is a solo project of Magdalena Ågren. She is using trombone, megaphone, voice, homemade electronics, loops, and drum machine all at once to build her music from scratch. From the smallest simple element, it grows into a gigantic dystopian lo-fi orchestra. Sometimes restrained and suggestive, sometimes chaotic and wild. Mag’s music is an act of resistance to the perfect and controlling in society. It is music that is written out of frustration and sadness straight from the heart. It strives for deep introspection and expressive power, seeking both confrontation and commonality but doesn’t care at all about codes of conduct.
MAG makes international tours on a regular basis but has so far just released one solo album. Magnitude was released 2016 on Surplus Recordings and Zeon Light Skiva. Next album “En fis i rymden” will be released in autumn 2021. Magdalena Ågren is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and is also playing in two other bands, SORK and Trapped in a Loop.
(from Sonic City Festival Curated by Thurston Moore):