Villa For Forest

HONEY STATION – Felician Honsig-Erlenburg – Villa For Forest

Honey Station is a musician and producer collective from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The four musicians met at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague five years ago and have been working on independent music productions.

Style: Indie/Singer Songwriter/Acoustic


Although today there was no blossom in the grass, no red
And we hoped to be fed
For a feast of honey we lusted, for glee
There was dry air and dread instead
We had
Not the life of a bee

Thank you mother earth indeed for the meagre bite last day
Which brought us through the night alright
But we yearn, in spite
For more sweet feed

Tomorrow we shall find again some glazen prey we hope
Bitter the pollen of yesterday, weak the earth and sky these days it seems
Maybe we’ll just find our own if we may?
Are these silly dreams?
Are they okay?

Such things we ask
Such dangling doubts we spray
Hidden behind masks and tasks
Flying tiring paths
Despite the fact,
Admittedly as angry bees at this hour
That we have nowhere else to go
But to the lush place with the flower

No other good here would suffice
In this land no other temptation or caprice
No endeavour as golden sweet
Nothing else would ever make us complete

Driven by pleasure one may think,
Blindly following mother earth to where the rain falls,
but don’t be fooled,
A silly life if that is all there was,

Who are we anyway,
But a number in the hive,
One of many striped lumps of life,
Yes, a miracle
Yet in decay

We got wings, stripes and sting
We got army, buzz and queen
We think we can do almost anything
But the way we fly high
Is shy, here in the dry
And then
We die …

So we think
Why not venture for green meadows
Seek an undiscovered treehole
Slip through a rusty keyhole
Of an ancient door
Awake a forgotten lore
Do it as we wish
Make it cunning or funny
But not give up

Why not stick to it
Like itself, the honey

If you are a bee yourself
You will understand
That we are made to seek the flower
To turn to gold, away from blue
And that there is but one thing for us to do
‚In this hour

Yet as the day goes by
Awaiting the sky
One bee is still doubting and asks why
There is no water
In this he is caught
How odd
What a silly thought
What a silly thought
A thought
About a cause unknown


So it is unknown,


Take off alone,
And leave the drie land behind
You shall be joined

*Felician Erlenburg