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Funk Fu | Garten der Villa For Forest

Funk Fu is a band originally formed in Zasavje (Slovenia).They were formed in 2017 and eventually members from abroad joined (Austria, Hungary, Slovakia).The members are attending music academies in Klagenfurt, Graz and Ljubljana and perform funk, jazz and R’n’B music. The band consists of an extended rhythm section (piano, guitar, drum, bass), a brass section (trumpet, trombone and saxophone) main vocals and sometimes backing vocals. At first they started by playing covers of world hits, but then developed ideas for original music. As winners of the Slovenian competition ‚Imamo novo glasbo‘ in 2017, they recorded their first single ‚Obraz‘. They were also the winners of the ‚Radio Standouts 2021‘ competition on Radio Si Maribor (Mainstage). In 2020 they released two singles titled ‚Black Thoughts‘ and ‚Besede v C-molu‘. Funk Fu has collaborated with many young musicians, with Tilen Gavranovič (guitar) and Klara Veteršek (vocals) being the founding members and authors of most of the music and lyrics. The band has played numerous concerts at various venues and festivals in Slovenia, some of them being Lent, Čipkarija, Vinarium, Vičstock, Rdečli Revirji, Vierteltöne. In 2023 they are releasing their first album ‚It’s all fun and games‘.