Villa For Forest

Blaž Švagan Quartet – Villa For Forest

My name is Blaž Švagan and I am a saxophonist/composer/producer from Slovenia.

In spring 2023, I am releasing the album Sound in Time, which will be released by Berlin’s Aut Records.

The album features a great italian vibraphonist Nazareno Caputo, who has been voted for best debut album by New York Jazz Times in 2021.

The album also features the brazilian drummer Matheus Jardim, who is a rising star on the central european jazz scene and slovenian musicians: Miha Koren on double bass and on two tracks also Boris Majcen on trumpet.

Sound in Time is a transcultural project, it is full of fresh and modern musical concepts, taking the New York jazz scene into account and also incoroprating some of the Balkan melodic/rhythmic structures.

„Blaž is a strong composer and player. His interesting fresh ideas are pushing the music forward.“ – Joris Teepe„As players – and inherently fans of the music – we are always interested in searching for unique voices out there. Blaž Švagan is that refreshing identity that emerges once in a blue moon. After listening to Blaž’s record, Sound In Time, I was excited to hear his specific and unique articulation, and the fire, fierceness and energy in his sound. The songs on this record are passionate and tell a complete story from front to back. Gatekeepers: pay attention to Blaž.“ – Noah Preminger

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